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Nickelback Concert Review – Nashville, TN Bridgestone Arena

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    Posted 4/4/2015

    Nickelback Tour 2015Canadian rockers Nickelback returned to Nashville, TN to perform another show at the award winning Bridgestone Arena on Monday March 30th with opening act Pop Evil.  Concert Blast co-host/partner, Tom Thompson, was on hand to review one of his favorite bands from this century.  The last time Tom reviewed Nickelback was a podcast years ago in Huntsville, AL. Continue to read Tom’s concert review.

    Nickelback In Concert - Chad Kroeger

    Nickelback In Concert - Chad Kroeger

    Written by Tom Thompson
    Nickelback was back in Nashville with their “No Fixed Address Tour” with opening act Pop Evil. Pop Evil performed about a thirty minute “so-so” set that reminded me of Pearl Jam.
    The stage was set which featured a massive round jumbo tron screen, which was great for close-up shots of Nickelback performing. As the lights went down, the band opened up with “Million Miles An Hour” from their latest project.  After the song, front man Chad Kroeger said, “Hello Nash Vegas“. You could tell that Chad loves Nashville because he talked about the city several times throughout the night. He even said he might move to Nashville one day.
    By the third song of the night, out came the acoustic guitars, in which the band broke into “Photograph”.  You could hear the crowd just screaming out the song!  The one thing I notice from previous shows was the background pictures were different.  I was really impressed with the new song “Edge of Revolution” which is, by far my favorite song from their new album “No Fixed Address“.   This was followed by the instrumental cover of Metallica‘s “Master of Puppets“.  Chad Kroeger brought out a T-shirt gun to shoot out free souvenirs, which launched Nickelback shirts. He also brought out several cups of beer and tossed them out into the crowd, actually on the fans down front. I could tell some of fans were not happy having beer spilled all over them.

    Nickelback In Concert - Chad Kroeger

    Nickelback In Concert - Chad Kroeger

    My most favorite Nickelback song is “Animal“. The crowd was not into the song as I would of thought. If I had a choice, the song needs to be an opening song or an encore song.  The biggest surprise songs of the night was the sing-along portion of the show as they performed songs from The Eagles,Take it Easy” and “Hotel California“, which seemed out of place for a Nickelback show.  These songs were used as a warm up to their major sing along hit, “Rockstar“, which was my favorite song of the night. The acoustics sounded great along with the bands vocals.
    The special guest of the night was Seether‘s lead singer Shaun Morgan singing “Hey Man Nice Shot“.
    Last song of the night before the encore was “How You Remind Me” which was a good choice.  The encore started with “Everlong“, a cover from the Foo Fighters and ending with “Burn it to the Ground

    Nickelback still puts on a very good show, but the numerous “F” Bombs was a real turn off.  The tossing of beer into the crowd was not a good choice either. They also changed their guitars almost ever song which seemed to slow down the flow. The quality of the band and Chad’s vocals are still great.  Overall the performance was good and the estimated 7,000 fans really enjoyed the show. I will give this show a Concert Blast rating of a 6.0 (out of 10).
    Written by Tom Thompson

    Million Miles an Hour
    Something in Your Mouth
    Hero (Chad Kroeger song)
    Gotta Be Somebody
    Far Away
    Edge of a Revolution
    Master of Puppets (Metallica cover) / Walk (Pantera cover)
    Too Bad
    Moby Dick (Led Zeppelin cover)
    She Keeps Me Up
    Take It Easy / Hotel California (Eagles covers)
    When We Stand Together
    Hey Man Nice Shot (Filter cover) (with Shaun Morgan)
    Figured You Out
    How You Remind Me

    Everlong (Foo Fighters cover)
    Burn It to the Ground

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