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Stella Parton Interview – Dolly Parton’s Sister’s Book and CD ‘Tell It Sister, Tell It’ (Podcast 209)

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    Posted 6/22/2010

    Stella Parton with Mike Arnold and James Downing

    Stella Parton with Mike Arnold and James Downing

    As part of the CMA Week coverage, Mike Arnold and James Downing had the priviledge to have a conversation with the “Legendary Maverick”, Stella Parton. 

    This interview was conducted at the Parlor Studio on 16th Avenue (Music Row area) in Nashville, TN (although they met in the studio, the interview was conducted using the Concert Blast equipment).  There is lots of humour and a few serious moments in this interview as Stella describes her new book, “Tell It Sister, Tell It” and the CD (with the same name) that has songs which go hand in hand with the book.


    Stella Parton Interview

    Stella Parton Interview

    Discussed in this interview…
    Ode to Olivia
    Olivia Newton John
    Stella’s family members
    Breaking the Rules
    Her Christianity & Faith
    Domestic Violence
    Her son
    Embarassments on stage
    A Strange Event at her show
      And Other Topics

    Listen to this excellent interview with Stella Parton as she goes through the journey of her life with Mike and James.


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