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Concert Blast Interviews with George Klein, Charlie Daniels, Tommy Tutone, Billy Cox, Nate Whitlock, and Charlotte Medley (Podcast 170)

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    This show consists of six different short interviews with George Klein (Radio/TV personality, songwriter, author, and Elvis Presley’s long-time friend), Nate Whitlock (Memphis musician, solo artist, and brother of Eric Clapton’s sideman, Bobby Whitlock), Billy Cox (Jimi Hendrix’s bass player and solo artist), Charlie Daniels (Country Rock solo artist), Charlotte Medley (singer/songwriter/performer), and Tommy Tutone (known for the song “Jenny 867-5309”).  These interviews were recorded from three different places over the past year.

    Mike Arnold with George Klein

    Mike Arnold (Concert Blast) with George Klein

    This show begins from the backstage area of the Beale Street Music Festival during the Memphis In May festivities.  George Klein invited Mike Arnold backstage to hang out after Jerry Lee Lewis’ set.  Mike interviewed George Klein discussing his career, his friendship with Elvis Presley, and his latest book, “Elvis, My Best Man.”

    George also introduced Mike to Memphis musician, Nate Whitlock, which Mike also took the opportunity to interview Nate about his career, his latest solo project, and his brother, Bobby Whitlock.

    Last year the team from Concert Blast was invited to cover the Musicians Hall of Fame Ceremony as former Jimi Hendrix bass player, Billy Cox along with long-time musician/singer/songwriter/performer, Charlie Daniels were inducted into the Hall.

    Concert Blast with Billy Cox

    Concert Blast with Billy Cox

    Mike, Brian, and Tom interviewed Billy Cox while he discussed his career path with Jimi Hendrix.  Billy also discussed his first love for music, the Woodstock and Isle of Wight festivals, as well as being a paratrooper with Jimi Hendrix in the 101st Airborne Division.

    Charlie Daniels Interview

    Charlie Daniels Interview

    When the guys completed the conversation with Billy Cox, they had a fun interview with Charlie Daniels as he discussed living in Mt. Juliet, TN, the Musicians Hall of Fame, his Christianity, and an on-stage embarrassment.

    Charlotte Medley performs at BB King's - Nashville, TN

    Charlotte Medley performing at BB King's - Nashville, TN

    Last July Concert Blast was invited to a late afternoon show at BB Kings in Nashville, TN with solo artist, Charlotte Medley and 80’s hit maker, Tommy Tutone.  Charlotte opened the show and then came to discuss her latest project with the guys.  Several fans interrupted the conversation as they lined up around our table to get their CDs autographed, which they just purchased.

    Tommy Tutone Performing at BB King's - Nashville, TN

    Tommy Tutone Performing at BB King's - Nashville, TN

    Tommy Tutone performed his set with a smooth, soulful band then headed straight to the Concert Blast table as soon as he said goodnight from the stage.  Tommy discussed moving back to Nashville, his new sound, commercials using his song, and his marriage (along with his wife).

    We hope you enjoy this podcast as much as the team from Concert Blast did creating it.


    George Klein Accepts Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Award For Elvis Presley

    George Klein’s Book:
    Elvis: My Best Man:
    Radio Days, Rock ‘n’ Roll Nights, and My Lifelong Friendship with Elvis Presley

    Musicians Hall of Fame

    Charlie Daniels

    Billy Cox

    Charlotte Medley

    Nate Whitlock CD

    Tommy Tutone


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