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Memphis In May Beale Street Music Festival 2010 – Part 2 (PODCAST 169)

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    The second night of the Memphis in May Beale Street Music Festival coverage for our podcast begins with recordings from the establishment who sponsored day two of the festival, Rendezvous in downtown Memphis (our favorite place to eat Bar-B-Que Ribs).

    Rendezvous Restaurant - Memphis, TN

    Rendezvous - Memphis, TN

    The guys start the day by interviewing fans of the music festival and having a fun conversation with Percy, an employee of Rendezvous for 40 years.  Percy takes us down memory lane as he discussed the former Presidents and many stars who have attended the restaurant.

    They ate a wonderful meal before heading to the Beale Street Music Festival while to enjoy the various genres of music from Colbie Caillat, Jerry Lee Lewis, Seether, Michael McDonald, along with Hall and Oates.

    Backstage conversations are also recorded with Josh Nyback (bass player for Colbie Caillat), John Oates (Hall and Oates), Michael McDonald,  and also two great interviews to be published later with Nate Whitlock (Memphis guitarist, solo artist, and brother of Bobby Whitlock from Eric Clapton fame) and George Klein (author, radio/television personality, and one of Elvis Presley’s best friends and advisor).  Unfortunately the night ended much sooner than expected as the city of Memphis suddenly went under a Severe Thunderstorm and Tornado Warning.

    Tom and our helper Steve left early on Saturday night due to Steve not feeling well and wanting to get back to Nashville before it got too late.  Since Brian and Mike kept receiving text messages and phone calls from friends and family about the flooding in our hometown of Nashville, they decided to leave on Sunday.  Because of the floods, they were not able to get home until Monday.  All the main roads all around Nashville were closed.  According to the television news report, this left many people stranded in their cars on the interstate for the entire night.  Mike and Brian were very fortunate to get the warnings on the road conditions and decided to stay in Jackson, TN Sunday night.



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