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Mike Arnold Returns to the Stage with Crawford White – Almost Unplugged Tour

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    Posted on 9/15/2014

    Crawford White and Mike Arnold - "Almost Unplugged Tour"

    Crawford White and Mike Arnold - "Almost Unplugged Tour"


    Concert Blast creator, blogger, and podcast co-host, Mike Arnold, has been known to not only to review rock concerts, but to rock the stage himself. Mike is known in the Nashville, TN area as one of the best front men in the live music club scene while performing with his band, Mike Arnold and the Music City Rockers along with his extraordinaire lead guitarist (and band leader), Crawford White.  Mike and Crawford announced they are now booking shows billed as Mike Arnold and Crawford White – “Almost Unplugged Tour”.  This tour kicks off Saturday, September 20th in Adairville, Kentucky.  Read the entire press release



    Mike Arnold and Crawford White Announces “Almost Unplugged Tour”

    Press Release 9/15/2014 – Nashville, TN

    Mike Arnold and Crawford White, the core of the Nashville, TN based popular party-rock group, Mike Arnold & the Music City Rockers, announced the beginning of a new project billed as Mike Arnold and Crawford White – “Almost Unplugged Tour” that kicks off on Saturday, September 20th in Adairville, KY.

    Mike Arnold and Crawford White enjoys performing live and wanted to perform on a more regular basis. They came up with an idea that seem to be taking off… An “Almost Unplugged Tour”.

    Mike Arnold and Crawford White performances include Crawford on guitar and background vocals while Mike will be providing the lead vocals as well as leading the sing-alongs to create the family-friendly party atmosphere. They will also be trying to bring along a percussionist / small kit drummer to help with the beat. Crawford will be playing his electric guitar with effects, as well as playing an acoustic guitar on selected songs.

    Crawford White and Mike Arnold - Almost Unplugged Tour

    Crawford White and Mike Arnold - Almost Unplugged Tour

    Mike Arnold and Crawford White have booked several shows on their “Almost Unplugged Tour”, but are seeking more bookings, with House Concerts, small music venues (clubs, coffee houses, etc…), festivals, community events, fund raisers, and others..

    Mike explained, “One thing about these performances… although we will be “almost unplugged”, we will still be rocking the shows with lots of sing-alongs as our full band provides. Don’t expect us to sit on stools, strum our instruments and harmonize with our eyes closed, although there might be a hint of that, just not the whole show. We will be performing pop/rock songs that we’ve never performed live before, some originals that I wrote, some surprises, and some of the same fun tunes that we perform with Mike Arnold & the Music City Rockers. One thing for sure it will be a fun time with lots of audience participation!

    Mike Arnold said, “The so-called tour is not really a tour at all, just a catchy phrase to describe what our performances are about. This “tour” will be a way for fans to have us perform in their homes as House Concerts, or to see us play at smaller venues, festivals, fund raisers, and other events.  I’m really excited to play House Concerts in peoples homes.  What a great way to meet new friends and to create an intimate rocking fun-time environment at the same time!

    Mike Arnold In Concert - Nashville, TN - 8/15/2014

    Mike Arnold In Concert - Nashville, TN - 8/15/2014

    In the early 80’s, from the encouragement of Nashville top songwriter Bob DiPiero, Mike Arnold created a party rock band called The Crowd, made up of friends he grew up with (which also featured Concert Blast podcast co-host Tom Thompson on drums). In the mid to late 80’s Mike created another party-rock band with more seasoned musicians, Mike Arnold & the Music City Rockers, which brought Mike Arnold and Crawford White together.   The band performed at various rock music clubs, festivals, colleges, corporate parties, and many other events. Mike and his rockers have played several Sold-Out reunion shows over the last couple of years and are still booking performances today.  For the next Mike Arnold & the Music City Rockers performance, they will be the music entertainment during the Nashville Predators vs St. Louis Blues NHL hockey game on Thursday December 4th at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, TN.

    Mike Arnold and Crawford White are looking forward to these intimate shows (although some of the already booked shows will actually have hundreds in attendance).

    For more information or if you would like to book Mike Arnold and Crawford White on their “Almost Unplugged Tour”, send an email to (website coming soon). The fees are very affordable and they are currently accepting weekend fly / travel dates with New Year’s Eve currently available as of this press release (for either band). Just like any concerts that are being booked, requirements must be met.

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