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The Bangles Concert Review – St Louis – The Pageant – 5/2/2010 (BLOG)

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    The Bangles

    May 2, 2010

    The Pageant

    St Louis, MO

    Written by James Downing

    While Mike, Brian, and Tom were paddling their way around Memphis during the Memphis In May festivities, I was high and dry in St Louis for The Bangles concert at The Pageant. The Bangles have always been one of my all time favorite bands but I had never had the chance to see them live. When I saw that they were playing a date in St Louis, I put in for my vacation days at work and got a ticket the first day they went on sale. I was very excited during the weeks leading up to the show. I was finally going to get to see The Bangles live!

    James Downing with Susanna Hoffs

    James Downing with Susanna Hoffs

    The Bangles were the off spring of another band called The Bangs. An LA band with it roots firmly in the Paisley Pop sound that is so popular in that city. Michael Steele, who was also a brief member of The Runaways, teamed up with sisters Vicki (guitar) and Debbie Peterson (drums) and Susanna Hoffs (guitar) to form one of the most memorable bands from the 80′s. Continue Reading…

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