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Concert Blast Video Webisode 12 – Four Vines Wine Tasting With Concert Blast

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    Posted 5/5/2014 

    Four Vines - Concert Blast

    Concert Blast with Jeff Lubin (Four Vines Winery)

    Four Vines Winery from Northern California invited Concert Blast for a wine tasting during Memphis in May’s Beale Street Music Festival. Mike Arnold, Brian Hasbrook, and Tom Thompson participated in the event as they tasted two brands from Four Vines Winery, Naked Chardonnay and Biker Zinfandel.  To sum it all up, YUM!

    Enjoy this video of Mike, Brian, and Tom during the wine tasting with the Four Vines Winery promotional staff.
    Special thanks to Will Perry for the video camera work.

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