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Perry Baggs Benefit with Jason & the Scorchers, Dan Baird, Stacie Collins, and Others – Nashville, TN – Exit In – (Photos)

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    Posted on 8/22/2012

    Jason and the Scorchers

    Jason and the Scorchers In Concert

    Perry Baggs, former drummer of Jason and the Scorchers, passed away from kidney failure and complications from diabetes on July 12, 2012.   Several Nashville based musicians contributed their time, energy, and talent to provide a way for the family of Perry Baggs to be able to give his body a proper burial.  Over 500 rock music fans and friends of Perry Baggs packed Nashville’s historic rock music club, the Exit In, by contibuting $20 for the admission ticket to help with this cause and to have a fun time remembering the music and life of Perry Baggs.  Mike Arnold was on hand to take the photos of this night… ENJOY!

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