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Concert Photos – Starship featuring Mickey Thomas and Bobby Kimball of Toto – Also Tommy Tutone (PHOTOS)

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    Concert Photos from the Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville, TN of the Starship Concert featuring Mickey Thomas.  Bobby Kimball of Toto was the Special Guest joining them during the show and Tommy Tutone was the Surprise Guest.  A great night and a wonderful show. 

    Photos taken by Brian Hasbrook – Concert Blast!


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      Starship with Mickey Thomas and Bobby Kimball (of Toto) Concert Review – Wildhorse Saloon – Nashville, TN 5/22/09 (BLOG)

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        Written by Mike Arnold

        On Friday night, May 22nd, 2009, The Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville, TN brought one of the most talented bands still playing Classic Rock music today back to Nashville, Starship featuring Mickey Thomas. On this particular night, Starship had a special guest performing with them, Bobby Kimball of Toto, and one surprised guest that was later announced in the show. With all these artists playing the in the same set meant a night of nothing but classic rock hits.

        As the house lights went down and the band members took the stage, the loud, clear voice of Mickey Thomas belted over the PA speakers, “Hey Everybody!” The band immediately began the opening notes of “Find Your Way Back”. The band continued the set without hesitation or saying anything with, “No Way Out”.

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