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WHO IS CONCERT BLAST? – Concert Blast – About Us

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    Concert Blast began with Mike Arnold, Brian Hasbrook, and Tom Thompson. Three guys who grew up together in the Nashville, TN area. These guys have attended hundreds (if not over a thousand) concerts.

    Every time the guys would get together with friends, they would all want to know about the shows they’ve seen and found themselves discussing these concerts for long periods of time.

    Concert Blast on the Bonnaroo Media Stage

    Concert Blast on the Bonnaroo Media Stage - (left to right) Mike Arnold, Brian Hasbrook, and Tom Thompson

    Mike thought a music talk show would make a great radio show. After failing to convince radio stations/companies that this format could be good for radio, he gave up. A couple of years later, Mike was introduced to podcasting. He approached Brian and Tom about the idea of discussing concerts on a podcast and they said let’s do it! Concert Blast formed a family friendly podcast and the first podcast was uploaded in May of 2005.

    Since our website began back in May of 2005 and have produced more than 200 audio shows with many blogs and posted photos.

    We have been invited to cover many concerts and music festivals such as the Bonnaroo Music Festival, Memphis in May Beale Street Music Festival, CMA Music Festival, as well as many of the top Music Concerts (Paul McCartney, Aerosmith, Ringo Starr, Bob Seger, Billy Joel, Sheryl Crow, Journey, REO Speedwagon, Styx, Joan Jett, Night Ranger, and many more).

    We usually feature Classic Rock acts, but we do not limit ourselves to it.

    We were featured as one of the Top 5 Classic Rock podcasts from Classic Rock

    In 2008 we were nominated as one of the People’s Choice Podcast Awards.

    Concert Blast Book - Concert Blast Experiences Written by Mike Arnold

    In 2009 James Downing joined the team as a blogger while Mike Arnold took time off to write his book on our Concert Blast Experiences.  James departed Concert Blast in 2012 to concentrate on his own blog/podcast/photos website, Monsters From The Basement.

    In April 2010 Mike Arnold released his book:

    “CONCERT BLAST EXPERIENCES Guest List-Backstage-VIP” and is back podcasting with Concert Blast.

    Guest List-Backstage-VIP

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      Concert Blast Book Announcement – CONCERT BLAST EXPERIENCES: Guest List – Backstage – VIP (BLOG)

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        The one question that is asked to us more than anything is, “When is the Concert Blast book coming out?”.  Now we can say Very Soon and now a preview is available for the public’s viewing through our signup list.  Since the book is now in the finishing stages, it seems at this point it is set for a Spring of 2010 release.

        Concert Blast Experiences
        Guest List – Backstage – VIP

        Written by Mike Arnold – Edited by Claire Watson

        Mike will release his first book on how 3 average concert fans turned an idea into a popular website / podcast, became mainstream media, covered the steps we took, and what has happened so far on this wonderful journey!

        Continue Reading…

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