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Tom Keifer The Way Life Goes – CD Review

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    Posted on 8/5/2013

    Tom Keifer - The Way Life Goes
    One of Concert Blast’s favorite bands from the 80s is the Hard Rockers Cinderella.   When we got the word that their lead singer/front man, Tom Keifer, was going to put out a solo album, we were kind of excited and sort of nervous at the same time.  Excited that there was going to be more music from the voice of Cinderella, but nervous due to not knowing what style of music it was going to be.  Before it was released Tom went on a solo tour with a full band of his excellent musician friends.  After seeing the live show in Nashville, we were ready for the solo project.  Here’s Mike Arnold’s track by track CD review of Tom Keifer’s “The Way Life Goes”.

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