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Living in a Digital Age

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    Posted on 10/28/2014

    Living A Digital Age
    From time to time Concert Blast receives emails from various guest bloggers.  When we receive one we are interested in, we will post it.  Here’s a post from freelance writer James Dawson.  James wrote an article about music living in a digital age.  Thank you James for your submission.  We are definitely “Living in a Digital Age”!  Enjoy the post!

    Written by James Dawson
    As the revival in vinyl sales continues to gather steam, and the physical product seems to be making a mini-revival, how has this affected digital sales?

    iTunesAt the start of this year Billboard announced that for first the first time since iTunes began operating its digital purchasing store that the sales had decreased. These sales fell by a reputed 5.7% which meant that iTunes sold 1.26 billion units compared to 1.43 billion units the previous year. Many industry experts have pointed at the growing trend of music fans now utilizing streaming services to listen to their music as one of the contributing factors to this fall in sales.

    soundcloudThe proliferation of smartphones is also said to be a contributing factor that has aligned itself with the need for the consumer to have music ported directly to their smartphones free of charge. Although, premium streaming services such as Soundcloud have posted record losses of up to $25 million in 2013, they are still seen as the future of music listening. Soundcloud has around 250 million active users, and is regularly trending on social media with it being an extremely relevant tool in today’s industry. This trend is music streaming on smartphones isn’t likely to let up either. Gaming Realms, an expert in mobile games, and the creators of portal Total Gold declared that “the mobile Internet is one of the most powerful trends in the Internet landscape,” and one that will continue to help develop other avenues for streaming sites within the music industry.

    And amid all this financial short falls, there is one positive, and that’s vinyl sales….

    Tech website Mashable published an article in 2013 that showed that music fans had once again fallen in love with the physical product. Vinyl sales saw a spike in growth during last year, with a total increase of 32%. So what has instigated this comeback?

    CDsCD sales also dropped near on 15% with vinyl becoming unashamedly “cool” again. People used to pride themselves on their music collections and maybe this is what is driving people again to embrace vinyl and ultimately driving the resurgence in sales. Also, many record labels are now putting more into the creation of vinyl packages; adding digital download codes, illustrated books and even handwritten messages from the bands. There seems to be a more personal message being delivered through vinyl and this is probably what’s helping drive such sales.
    Written by James Dawson

    About the Author
    James Dawson:
    For the last 10 years James has been freelance writing for a host of travel and music websites. During his down time, when not traveling the world, he relaxes with his partner and their two dogs. Also, a keen gamer, James often attends gaming conventions when time allows.

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