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Aerosmith Concert Review – Nashville, TN – Bridgestone Arena

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    Posted on 12/18/2012 

    Aerosmith In Concert - Steven Tyler and Joe Perry

    Aerosmith In Concert - Steven Tyler and Joe Perry - Photo From

    Aerosmith returned to Nashville, TN to thrill classic rock audiences once again.  Aerosmith has been a tour regular to Nashville, but it has been a while since the “Bad Boys From Boston” had performed in the Music City.  While Mike Arnold and Brian Hasbrook were out of town, our guest blogger friend Josh Jackson, took it on himself to fill in for us (Thanks Josh!).  Enjoy Josh Jackson’s Aerosmith Concert Review from Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena on 12/13/2012.

    Written by Josh Jackson
    If I were to ask a question like “Who is the greatest American rock band of all time?” the conversation would be interesting for sure.  There have been so many amazing bands through the years, but I would bet that Aerosmith would likely be in the top 5 of most fans of rock music — and their Dec. 13, 2012 show at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville only solidified them at the TOP of MY list.

    Aerosmith In Concert - Brad Whitford

    Aerosmith In Concert - Brad Whitford - Photo From

    The Nashville date of the “Global Warming” tour was THE LAST DATE of an already extended tour for the band.  They could have dialed it in with their minds already on a holiday break with family and friends, but instead they put on a two and a half hour gig that showcased mid season form rather than the leftovers of a demanding tour.

    This was the 8th time I have seen Aerosmith play, and quite honestly this could have been the best setlist I have seen them perform.  In the past I’ve seen them get a little selfish and lose audiences with 30 minute, 12-bar blues jams and super-deep album cuts – but this show was just right.

    Aerosmith In Concert - Tom Hamilton

    Aerosmith In Concert - Tom Hamilton - Photo From

    They started with some backstage footage of the band preparing, and then Steven Tyler and Joe Perry rose on an elevator onto the thrust of the stage to the classic “Toys In The Attic“.  From there they crashed into “Love In An Elevator“, a selection that could have easily been reserved for later in the show, but really got the audience moving. Capping off the first scene of the night was one of their 1st hits of the 2000’s, “Jaded“.

    Steven then addressed the crowd for the first time and introduced a new tune called “Oh Yeah“.  Interesting story about this song…it originally had a Joe Perry vocal on it, and when Steven heard it he said ‘You’re not singing this one anymore!’ After showcasing the new tune, they got the audience back into the show with two 90’s classics from Get A Grip, “Cryin’’ and “Livin’ On The Edge“.

    Aerosmith In Concert - Joey Kramer

    Aerosmith In Concert - Joey Kramer - Photo From

    Up next, the 1st original Aerosmith song (as explained by Steven) “Movin’ On“.  Still stuck in the early 70’s, they continued with the Rufus Thomas cover of “Walkin’ The Dog” and Brad Whitford did a short solo section leading into “Last Child“.

    Joey Kramer got his turn in the spotlight next with an extended drum solo that led into “Rag Doll“.

    Next, it was Joe Perry’s turn. There was a short video showcasing Joe playing acoustic guitar at the Jack Daniels Distillery, and then attempting to walk into the Ryman Auditorium, only to get thrown out by security. It was a nice touch to see him having fun against some local scenery. After the video, he took over lead vocals on “Combination“.

    Aerosmith In Concert - Steven Tyler and Joe Perry

    Aerosmith In Concert - Steven Tyler and Joe Perry - Photo From

    Steven Tyler returned for “Rats In The Cellar“, another new tune, “Lover Alot“, and a personal favorite of mine, “What It Takes“, that had Tyler vamping with the audience quite a bit on the lead in.

    From here on out, it was non-stop music – starting with the Beatles cover of “Come Together“. This was the 1st time I had ever heard them perform this live with the exception of the Live! Bootleg album – so that was a cool addition to the night. They finished out the set with “Dude (Looks Like A Lady)“, “Walk This Way“, and “Train Kept A Rollin“.

    After a short break, Steven Tyler appeared at the piano which rose up from under the stage on an elevator, and capped the night off with “Dream On” and “Sweet Emotion“.

    Aerosmith Set List - Nashville, TN 12/13/2012

    Aerosmith Set List - Nashville, TN 12/13/2012 - Photo From

    Noticeably missing from the set for me were “Mama Kin”, “Janie’s Got A Gun”, “Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing”, “Draw The Line”, “Back In The Saddle Again”, and “Same Old Song and Dance“. But like I said, it was a GREAT set from a band that for 5 decades has continued to reinvent themselves. I don’t know how much longer they can keep it up, but I’m sure glad I was able to see them do their thing one more time.
    Written by Josh Jackson


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