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Remembering 9-11-2001 – A Concert Blast Special Post (Blog)

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    Posted on 9/9/2011

    Remembering 9-11-2001

    Concert Blast wanted to honor the ones whose lives where changed forever because terrorist wanted to destroy America no matter what it took.  Even if it meant losing their own lives!  This blog is written by Mike Arnold, James Downing, and Tom Thompson on what three different normal Americans, located over 900 miles away from this horrible incident, were going through during this terrible time in American History.

    Written by Mike Arnold
    In 2001 I was working with a software company that created, sold, and taught a web based school attendance package to the various counties in the state of Tennessee. Our main salesman told me that he once owned a business in New York City and his office was at the top of one of the World Trade Center towers. He said they could look out the windows to see airplanes flying around and below them. He told me that he was shocked that a plane hasn’t hit the tower. So when I first heard the report on the radio that a plane had crashed into one of the towers, he was the first person I thought of and I couldn’t wait to hear his thoughts on the accident… but we learned things were different!

    Remembering 9-11-2001

    I was driving to a school located in Sumner County to instruct the counselors, Vice Principals, and various teachers how to use our software. On the drive I was enjoying the pretty September morning while listening to the syndicated radio morning talk show, The Rick and Bubba Show. During their broadcast they mentioned that a plane had hit one of the twin towers in New York City. They had brought a television in their radio studio to see the reports about the accident and report back to their listeners on the latest discoveries. My wife Sandra called me on my cell phone to inform me about it. I told her I knew about it from listening to the Rick and Bubba Show.

    As I was listening to the guys discuss how this could possibly happen with the buildings being so tall, I heard the guys screaming with words, “Oh My God!” That’s when I learned another plane had hit the other tower.

    I had a scary feeling in my gut as I heard the guys saying there’s no way two accidents could happen like this in the same morning. We have to be under attack. I called Sandra to tell her about it and by then she and her entire office already knew and were watching it on television.

    Remembering 9-11-2001By the time I arrived at the school and the word came out of another plane down, parents were coming in to pick up their children. Suddenly school wasn’t the top priority at the moment. Caring for family and friends were. I remember the school had asked us to return on another day for the training, we certainly understood. Our church changed our sign to conduct a special prayer service and we had people to show up that haven’t been beyond the church doors in quite a while. We never know when life takes a turn for the worse. Don’t wait until it’s too late to tell a friend that you actually cherish their friendship or a family member that you love them. BUT… Most Important… Don’t wait too late to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior in your life!  May God Bless You All!
    Mike Arnold

    Remembering 9-11-2001 - Brooklyn Bridge

    Remembering 9-11-2001 - Brooklyn Bridge - AP Photo/Daniel Shanken

    Written By Tom Thompson
    The morning of September 11, 2001 was a morning I will never forget. I turned on the TV to watch the morning news just like I did every morning, but this morning was different. The news reported a small plane had crashed into the twin towers. I really did not think a whole lot about it then. It never crossed my mind that it would be deliberate. I left for work and when I arrived, there was a lot of people in the break room watching TV. That is when I found out a second plane has crashed into the other twin tower. I knew then something was not right. Then I discovered it was a terrorist attack.

    When I saw the replay of the airplane flying into the second tower my heart dropped to my stomach. Why would anybody do such a thing? September 11th was a day that changed my thinking about life. I would have never imagined that anyone would use a plane as an act of terrorism. How could anybody hate us so bad that they would intentionally kill thousands of innocent lives?

    My thoughts and prayers go out to the families that lost love ones that day. We are not promised tomorrow and I hope we are more prepared for the next one.
    Written By Tom Thompson



    Remembering 9-11-2001Written by James Downing
    The morning that the planes crashed into the World Trade Center is still very clear in my mind. I was working at a Walgreens in Murfreesboro, TN as a tech in the Pharmacy Department. It was a 24 hour store and I had to be at work at 7:00am and had no way of knowing about what was going on. Now, my mother was one of those people who would never call me at work unless it was an absolute emergency. I always worked at the drive thru window in the pharmacy in the mornings and the window had a phone sitting on the counter so I would also help answer calls. The phone started ringing and I happened to look down at the caller ID on the phone and much to my surprise it was my mother calling. I was shocked and was in fear of bad news about a family member when I saw her number. When I answered the phone she asked “Did you hear what just happened?” I said “No.” She went on to explain to me that an airplane had crashed into one of the towers of The World Trade Center. The first thing I thought of was the pilot must have been drunk or on drugs. That was when she told me it was believed to be a terrorist attack.

    Remembering 9-11-2001Soon after I hung up the phone I just stood there in shock trying to let the news that I had just heard sink in. One of my regular customers came to the drive thru windows with tears rolling down her face as she asked if I knew about what happened. Only this time there had been another plane that crashed into the other tower. This couldn’t happen in this country, America! No, this was a dream that I was going to wake up from soon. Our leaders would not allow this to happen.

    By now most people in the store were just like I was, just standing around numb to everything that was happening in the store, and just thinking about the people that had to have been killed in this senseless act. The store carried small portable television sets and the store manager took some out of the boxes and took them n to the front registers, one to the photo department, one to cosmetics and one back to the pharmacy so we could all see what was going on. I remember the disbelief I felt seeing the planes crash into the towers. How could anyone do that? And for what reason?

    They say there are events in your life that you will always remember what you were doing when you first heard the news. I know 9/11 will always be remembered in my mind and in countless other minds all over the world.
    Written by James Downing

    What were you Doing During This Tragedy?
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      1. tngibsons Sep 9th 2011

        I am a friend of the Concert Blast! guys and just wanted to share my insights on 9-11. On 9-11, I was at home with my 2 year-old son in Hendersonville, TN while my husband, Ron was at work. It was a typical morning, just doing things around the house when Ron called and told me to turn on the t.v. because a plane had crashed into one of the Twin Towers in NYC. I immediately turned it on and we both speculated that the pilot of the plane must have had a heart attack or something went horribly wrong with the plane itself. The thought of the people on the plane and in the building made me feel terribly sad. I sat and watched a while longer, as the Today Show gave their commentary and opinions as to what may have happened. I never thought for a minute we were under attack at that time. As I watched the live broadcast, I suddenly noticed an object coming closer to the second tower. I couldn’t make it out completely, but I said to myself “Oh, that must be a news or police helicopter surveying the damage.” I was wrong. I watched in horror as the second plane slammed into the second tower. Realizing we were under attack, I called my brother and we talked about it for a while. My thoughts were on several KCC Alumni whom Ron and I had went to college with. We knew of many who were from New York and I prayed they were all okay. Not long after that, reports came in about the Pentagon, and the airplane that crashed in Pennsylvania. I had a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach all day. I prayed the attacks would end and thankfully, they did. However, several lives were lost that day. I know that there were some who did not know Christ. I know there were believers who died that day too. We never know when we will die; be it by natural causes, illness, accident or at the hand of terrorists. Several came to Christ because of 9-11. I pray that we, as a nation, will come to know Jesus as our personal savior.