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Jakob Dylan Concert Review – Nashville, TN – Exit In – 10/28/2010 (Blog)

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    Jakob Dylan In Concert

    Jakob Dylan In Concert - Photo From

    Wriiten by Guest Blogger Josh Jackson 

    I’ve never been a super-huge fan of Jakob Dylan, but have always respected and admired his talents from afar. I had my first introduction to him back in 1995 when the then unknown Wallflowers opened for Chris Isaak at TPAC. I was able to see the Wallflowers one other time, a wonderful show at the now defunct 328 Performance Hall, but lost touch with their music, not paying too much attention to it after 2000’s Breach. 

    In 2008, I was reacquainted with Jakob as he performed with the Gold Mountain Rebels at Farm Aid in support of his solo album, ‘Seeing Things.’ 

    Fast forward to now. My good friend, Rolling Stone’s David Wild, invited me to tag along Thursday night as Jakob and his band, Three Legs, brought their show to the world famous Exit In. I had heard great things about his new album ‘Country and Women,’ so I was excited to get the chance to see him play again, especially in such a small club atmosphere.  

    Jakob Dylan In Concert

    Jakob Dylan In Concert - Photo From

    When we arrived, the Exit In was only a quarter full well after the advertised start time of 8:00pm. The opener, Dylan LeBlanc, finally ambled onstage at 9:00pm ready to warm the crowd. In my opinion, he failed. His sound was a sleepy acoustic & steel guitar combo that was sadly missing any sort of dynamics. 

    After the stage was readied for ‘the real’ Dylan, it seemed to take an extraordinary amount of time for him to come out. Rumors from back stage were that he and the crew were watching the World Series while the now full capacity club waited. 

    All frustrations due to the long wait were quickly dashed as Dylan and the band broke into the set around 10:15p opening with ‘Nothing But The Whole Wide World.’ 

    With little banter in between songs, the set was mainly a mix of tunes from his two solo records, the brand new T-Bone Burnett produced ‘Country and Women’ and 2008’s ‘Seeing Things.’ 

    Jakob Dylan In Concert

    Jakob Dylan In Concert - Photo From

    However, it wasn’t all solo material as several Wallflowers tunes emerged. ‘God Says Nothing Back,’ ‘How Good Can It Get,’ a very nice laid back version of ‘6th Avenue Heartache,’ ‘I’ve Been Delivered’ & ‘Three Marlenas’ all found their way into the set. 

    One of the highlights of the night was the acoustic set containing another Wallflowers tune ‘Here He Comes (Confessions of A Drunken Marionette)’ and the amazing, ‘War is Kind.’ 

    All in all, I have to say that I had no idea I would enjoy this show as much as I did. Dylan’s sandpapery tone was in fine form and he was supported well by the amazing voices of background singers, Kelly Hogan and Nora O’Connor. The rest of the band, Three Legs, ably supported Dylan’s mix of sparse & haunting folk, country & rock tunes to the point that on some songs you even forgot they were there. 

    It’s been 13 years since The Wallflowers were at the top of the charts and Jakob Dylan was dodging bras being thrown to the stage. At almost 40, it is obvious that he has grown up. Not only physically (into a man and looking more and more like his dad every day), but musically as well. And if Thursday night was any indication, we’ll be hearing the name Jakob Dylan for many more years to come. 


    1. Nothing But The Whole Wide World
    2. Everybody’s Hurting
    3. Truth For A Truth
    4. Holy Rollers For Love
    5. God Says Nothing Back (WF)
    6. Evil Is Alive And Well
    7. Smile When You Call Me That
    8. How Good Can It Get (WF)
    9. All Day And All Night
    10. 6th Avenue Heartache (WF)
    11. War Is Kind-acoustic
    12. Here He Comes (Confessions Of A Drunken Marionette) acoustic (WF)
    13. Something Good This Way Comes
    14. I’ve Been Delivered (WF)
    15. Will It Grow?
    16. Standing Eight Count
    17. Three Marlenas (WF)
    18. Lend A Hand
    19. They’ve Trapped Us Boys        


    1. On Up The Mountain
    2. Down On Our Shield


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