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CMA Festival 2009 and Fan Club Party Photos (PHOTOS)

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    The CMA Festival of 2009 was one of the largest crowds that Nashville, TN has seen in quite a while.  Every year country music fans come in from all over the country, and the world, to enjoy several days of music and parties from their favorite country music artists.  During this year’s events, most of the concerts were free.  The weather was nice (with the exception of the one storm at the stadium on opening night).  Below are several pics from the week of the CMA Fest 2009.  ENJOY!!!

    Click Here – CMA FEST 2009 – SUNDAY – Photos from Brian Hasbrook of Concert Blast!  


    Click Here – CMA Week 2009 – Fan Clubs and Stadium Shows – Photos submitted by Meredith Simpson and Mike Arnold (of Concert Blast!)


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      1. Music Lyrics Now Jul 20th 2009

        Taylor Swift rocks, she is da bomb!

      2. Theo Shaw Apr 29th 2010

        Taylor Swift is the best country-pop singer today. I love all her songs and i love the she dress. She is pretty too.