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Ratt Concert Review – Nashville, TN – Wildhorse Saloon 5/28/09 (BLOG)

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    Here are two quick reviews of the Ratt Concert as the tour stopped in Nashville, TN to perform at the Wildhorse Saloon on May 28, 2009.



    Hard rock band Ratt crawled “Out Of The Cellar” and into Nashville’s Wildhorse Saloon last Thursday night to prove that glam rock is alive and well in Music City USA. A few minutes before 9pm the lights went out as hundreds of headbangers hit the Wildhorse floor to witness the return of Ratt. Stephen Percy, Robbie Crane, Warren Demartini, Bobby Boltzer and John Corabi hit the stage to run thru a blistering set of songs from their catalog of 25 years. John Carabi was filling in for guitar player Carlos Cavazo. This was the first time that I had seen Ratt so I can’t compare the two but I must say John’s guitar playing fits nicely.


    Stephen Percy is a great front man!  He was even wearing a Stephen Percy tee shirt. How is that for confidence?  I have to say his voice didn’t sound quite as good as it did back in the 80′s.  It was a little rough, but it still worked.  He strutted from one end of the stage to the other slapping hands and banging fist after fist along the way.  The man has an awesome stage presence. He seemed to have been in a great mood and talked several times between songs.  It looked like he was very pleased with the crowd and was glad to be playing in Nashville.  He said it had been a long time since they had played here and was glad to be back.


    The rest of the band was a tight outfit. Boltzer provided a solid beat for the others guys to follow.  Crane is a very impressive bass player and with these two guys providing the back beat you cant miss.  Throw in Corabi and Demartini and you have a hard rocking band.  I wish I had been on the other side of the stage where I could see Warren Demartini better. His guitar playing was blistering.


    The Ratt songs which stood out for me were; “Lack Of Communication”, “No Body Rides For Free”, “Dangerous But Worth The Risk” and “Way Cool Jr”.  Of course the final song was the one that started it all “Round And Round” from the debut LP Out Of The Cellar. This album had became a staple on classic rock radio stations around the world and has sold almost 4 million copies. They didnt play an encore but the crowd would have have stayed for several. All in all it an excellent 75 minute set.


    New band Motor Fly warmed up the crowd playing thirty minutes of straight ahead rock and roll.


    This is one of those shows that I went to just because I had never seen the band before. I was really glad I went. Ratt can still rock the house with the best of them. I would have liked to have seen a longer set, but I didn’t walk away disappointed.


    On the Concert Blast scale I give it an 8.5.  I deduct points for the length of the set and Stephens spitting on the stage.


    Written by James Downing






    On Thursday night, May 28th, 2009, The Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville, TN was ROCKIN AGAIN with another Classic Rock show featuring RATT.  It was great to see lead singer Stephen Pearcy back at lead vocals.  I will have to say that Stephen’s voice is as strong as it was in the 80′s. This show was a greatest hits show. Some of the classic hit songs were: “Body Talk”, “Lay It Down”, “Wanted Man”, “Way Cool Jr”, “Tell The World”, “Lack Of Communication”, “Lovin You Is A Dirty Job”, and “You’re In Love”. The last song of the night was of course their biggest hit “Round and Round”.


    Another great thing about the show was Warren DeMartini. WOW! The man can still ROCK his guitar. He played very impressive leads and had a great sound. Without him RATT would not be the same. The whole show was very exciting. The band sounded  great and with Stephen being the front man, he got the crowd singing along with their hits. If RATT is coming close to a town near you, I would highly recommend seeing them.  We want to say a BIG thank you to Ratt’s management and The Wildhorse Saloon for allowing us to bring this review to you.


    RATT N’ ROLL ON.  


    Written by Tom Thompson





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      2 Replies

      1. Thom White Jun 3rd 2009

        Interesting review. I have heard Pearcy has been much better this go around with Ratt because I found myself snickering when you said he was a great frontman. In the 80′s he was a terrible frontman. I always loved Ratt’s albums but live they were horrible because Pearcy acted like he was doing the crowd a favor to even be there. I hear things are better now.

      2. infunguby Jun 5th 2009

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