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NICKELBACK CONCERT REVIEW – 1st Show on Dark Horses Tour (BLOG)

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    Written by Tom Thompson

    Canadian rockers Nickelback with Seether and Saving Abel, started their Dark Horses Tour in Nashville, Tennessee on February 25, 2009. Nickelback tickets were extremely hard to find since it was a sold out show.

    The stage was extremely large with three video screens, a very impressive light show, a state of the art speaker system and very powerful protechnics. The stage also had a catwalk that extended out to the crowd about 200 feet. Nickelback started off the show with the first song from their new album, Something In Your Mouth (a song about a guy watching a girl suck her thumb). It did not take them long before they brought out their acoustic guitars and played one of their biggest hits from All The Right Reasons, Photograph.  Lead singer and guitarist Chad Kroeger got the crowd going crazy saying ” I feel like I live in Nashville, we have been here for two weeks, we might as well make Nashville our new home”. Chad’s voice was very strong and sounded great the entire night.

    The band later took advantage of the catwalk and played Far Away from All The Right Reasons. Chad’s brother Mike, bass player for the band, entertained the crowd with powerful bass licks and walking from one end of the stage to the other which really got the sold out crowd singing and going crazy. Lead guitarist and backup singer Ryan Peake strong leads and vocals make Nickelback the great live band that they are today. The next thing you know all four band members walk out to the end of the catwalk and played another one of the bands biggest hit,  Rockstar. Chad got the crowd singing and it sounded absolutely fantastic.  Drummer Ryan Vikedal drum solo was very exciting, especially when it started moving toward the crowd and then rising about 50 feet in the air.  During the next song, Chad told the crowd that he wanted to see everybody up off their feet, jumping up and down in which they broke into Too Bad from their Sliver Side Up album . The encore was next and it was a big surprise. Guitarist Ryan Peake walks out to the catwalk and takes over the lead vocals and sings Kings of Leon’s song Use Somebody. Then Chad took over the lead vocals on the next song to play Someday.from The Long Road album. They ended the show with a fabulous display of fireworks, lights and explosions with their last song of the night Figured You Out.

    Overall it was a very loud and exciting show. Nickelback continues to be one of the most popular and best live bands on tour today. I highly recomend seeing The Nickelback Tour this summer.

    Written by Tom Thompson


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      14 Replies

      1. aleksandra Mar 24th 2009

        The drummers name is Daniel Adair not Ryan Vikedal that was years ago.

      2. Thanks for the information aleksandra!
        Tom didn’t realize this and he’s the big Nickelback fan.

        I love it when we make mistakes and the readers / listeners correct us.

        Thanks Again!

        Mike A.

      3. I’m going to their Tulsa, OK show tomorrow night, from what I’ve heard, I can’t wait!

      4. Rosie(ya baby sis in nyc) May 15th 2009

        hey guys its me ya baby sis Rosie in Brooklyn who is a big Nickelback fan my favorites are How You Remind Me, Photograph and Of Course Rock Star. I Think Chad Kroeger looks wonderful with short hair. Here’s a fun fact in the video for Rock Star Some members of ZZ Top and Actress Jena Malone were a few cameos in this cool video. Peace Rosie in NYC.

      5. Great to hear from you Rosie!

        Thanks for the trivia on the video of “Rockstar”!

        Take Care

      6. sarah Jun 3rd 2009

        hey im going to see 1 of there shows in West Virginia on July 29th…I cant wait, esspeacially now that i know how great there shows are! plus ive been a fav forever

      7. The best information i have found exactly here. Keep going Thank you

      8. CrisBetewsky Jul 6th 2009

        It’s a masterpiece. I have never thought people can have such ideas and thoughts. You are great.

      9. Christin Jul 23rd 2009

        Just saw them last night in Albany. They always put on a fantastic show – lights, etc. They sound great. Chad ad libs and is totally awesome and hysterical (a bit crud!). BUT! yes there is a BUT… for their Dark horse tour, I was expecting more music from Dark Horse! It’s such a great album I was disappointed that they didn’t play more than 3 songs. The line up was good, but it was a lot of their old SLOW songs… they didn’t rock out as hard as they usually do… Still great, but for those of you with tickets expecting to hear the new music – don’t get too excited, you won’t hear much of it…

      10. Scott Aug 2nd 2009

        I am sorry to say we disappointed with the concert in Charlotte on the 31st. It was rain delayed, which was no fault of theirs, but given the late start I would think he would have kept the talking in between songs to a minimum. Chad didn’t. They sounded great when they were playing but then yack yack yack. More music, less talking! There was no flow to the music. It was very choppy. I am not sure why a band with so much good music has so many time fillers in a show. I’ve seen many GREAT concerts, These guys aren’t even close,

      11. I went to their concert in Phoenix and it was awesome. Saving Abel, Hinder, and Papa Roach were there. They all played for like 45 minutes each then Nickelback came on at 9 and played for 2 hours. The lead singers of Papa Roach, Hinder, and Nickelback sang “Highway To Hell” by ACDC and it rocked.
        This concert was awesome!!!

      12. Karen Jun 7th 2010

        Very disappointed in concert in GR, MI…walked out…..brought our kids, were so excited to see them, but it quickly turned into a vulgar show….walked out when they put whipped cream on bananas and gave them to young girls to demonstrate sex acts on and then broadcast that on the big screens….not a concert I wanted to sit with my teenage daughters in. I’m sure they don’t care about this feedback, but felt I need to give it. Won’t be buying anymore concert tickets for this group.

        admin Reply:


        I totally understand your concern with the Nickelback show. By the sound of your description, those guys seemed to have gotten worse with age. I would have left also (kids or no kids). Thanks for the comment!

      13. Acoustic Guitar Reviews Jul 2nd 2010

        I have to say from the bottom of my heart, you done well with this post!